Training and Education for Organisations and Individuals

Improving Therapeutic Practice for Marginalised Communities

I have nearly 40 years’ experience in delivering therapeutic and training work using an intersectional, anti-discriminatory lens. My training perspectives have arisen from working within different marginalised communities, including working with children and young people within the education sector, and supervising a wide range of therapy and counselling professionals.

I also draw from my work with QTIPOC and LGBTQIA+ adolescents and young adults. I have helped many individuals move past the trauma brought about by discrimination in their lives through an affirmative, empathetic approach, I am also an experienced trainer and facilitator who works closely with clinicians and organisations of all kinds to educate and build greater understanding of discrimination and prejudice when working with members of marginalised communities.

I am committed to helping therapists explore the challenge and opportunity of integrating intersectional perspectives into their work. If you would like to know more about how I can work with you, please read the information about different courses provided below.

Training Courses

Training courses can be adapted to your particular needs. If you require training on a specific area, such as working with young LGBTQIA+ adults, let me know and I can adapt my training to suit your needs.

Creative Arts Workshops from Radical Dialogues

In this experimental art-based workshop, I facilitate an exploration of similarity and difference within the therapeutic space and art making. The workshop can be experienced as a one-off or as a series of sessions. Our clients constantly bring us a multitude of ways that their cultural, ‘racial’, sexual and gender identities intersect with the world around them and with us. If we can listen to the subtext of these differences and interact with them from a congruent place, unfamiliar and uncomfortable dynamics reveal THEMSELVES AND US – presenting multiple opportunities within therapeutic encounters to explore experiences of ‘cultural differences’ between client and therapist, to lean in, and to form deeper connection as well as presenting opportunities for deeper dialogue about difference.

Therefore, the focus of the workshop is to help encourage attitudes of openness in addressing and exploring experiences of difference in a safe and non-discriminatory way. Attendees are invited to bring past experiences and issues of exploring difference in the therapeutic space, including working with clients through art making, as specific experiences to work through. We will experiment through art making and images to make meaning of our experiences. An Integrative Arts Psychotherapy approach will enable safe containment and personal and political exploration via pairs work, small and large groupwork.

Working With LGBTQIA+ Youth

I have worked with numerous LGBTQIA+ organisations and individuals, as a supervisor, as a clinician and as an activist. My experiences in this area have led me to provide specific courses to organisations and individuals on intersectionality in counselling and psychotherapy, with an emphasis on deepening their knowledge around how to best work with individuals facing issues with gender, sexuality, HIV, and other relevant areas.

Many counsellors and psychotherapists do not have the requisite training and experience to effectively understand and incorporate an individual’s struggles with LGBTQIA+ identity into therapeutic practice, which makes getting to the root of the client’s issues extremely difficult. I will help you understand how to work affirmatively and proactively with LGBTQIA+ youth, in a way that takes into account their social location and particular identity struggles.

To arrange a bespoke training on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), Intersectionality or LGBTQIA+ issues, please get in touch.

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You can call me on 07761371088 if you would prefer to leave a message. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

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