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Intersectional Counselling, Supervision, and Education

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Arc was set up to provide a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment in which young people, adults, and members of racialised and LGBTQI+ communities who have experienced trauma and/or identity issues can receive affirmative and empathetic counselling and psychotherapy in Holloway, and Hackney.

My work involves helping clients with lived experience of racism, classism, misogyny, and other forms of structural discrimination such as homophobia and transphobia. The emphasis is on facilitating clients to arrive at a place of greater acceptance and understanding of themselves, whilst resolving the traumas that might be impacting your life. I have spent over 40 years working with people from diverse economic, cultural, class, age, and social backgrounds - whether from racialised communities or not.

Along with providing affirmative integrative counselling and psychotherapy, I also offer bespoke supervision and training to individuals and organisations in order to encourage an intersectional approach to the way counselling and psychotherapy is delivered.

If you have experienced discrimination-related trauma and require counselling and psychotherapy in Holloway, Hackney, get in touch for a free initial consultation.

My Approach

My services are available to adults, adolescents, and children from all walks of life. I take an integrative approach to working with clients, meaning I draw on a range of different therapeutic theories to provide therapy that directly addresses your situation.

The counselling and psychotherapy I provide is based on an anti-oppressive framework that takes care to not pathologise you but instead to accept you for who you are. Affirming an individual’s lived experience is so important, as this allows us to acknowledge your social location and the way past discrimination has led to traumas that might affect your present-day mental health. I give you the space you need to openly explore your experiences and your identity and learn what it means for you.

Visit my What is Counselling and Psychotherapy? page to learn more about my approach.

Areas of focus

LGBTQIA+ Identity

I offer adolescents and adults a safe, affirming place to explore their LGBTQIA+ identity. You may need a place to simply make sense of how you are feeling, or perhaps you have experienced high levels of discrimination in the past and want to move past the traumas associated with those experiences.


Racialised Trauma

Together we will acknowledge the discrimination experienced by you in order to develop a heightened understanding of how racialised trauma might impact you or underpin the problems you face today. In supporting you to learn where certain triggers come from, we can in turn foster a healthier approach to yourself and how you see yourself where this has been distorted by trauma.

Read more about how I work with people from racialised and LGBTQIA+ communities on my What is Counselling and Psychotherapy? page.

Young People

As an adolescent or young adult, there are a number of unique challenges you face that can be extremely hard to deal with on your own. The pressures of education, entering the world of work, alongside dealing with complex and new or emergent feelings about your gender, identity, and sexuality can be overwhelming. Sometimes, anxiety can arise, and you may find this leads to you finding coping mechanisms that you would like to change. Sometimes, you might need support to manage issues like anxiety, addiction, or depression. Together we will work through what’s troubling you in a way that makes sense to you and acknowledges your lived experience.

What Do Adults Come to Counselling and Psychotherapy For?


Understanding Dreams


Bullying and Discrimination at Work


Bereavement, Grief and Loss


Redundancy and Employment Issues

Panic Attacks

Trauma Associated with Domestic and/or Sexual Violence

Dealing With Illness Including HIV

Life Changes and Transitions

Free initial consultation and Contract

I can offer an initial free, no-obligation 50-minute consultation session that allows us to decide whether working together works for us both. This can give you the chance to ask any questions about how I work. A short written contract can be drawn up to make sure you are clear about what has been agreed from the outset (frequency of sessions, pricing, etc.). We can agree to review and update this should circumstances change. Please get in touch if you would like to get started.

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I am a qualified clinical supervisor and part of an independent supervisor network, with extensive experience of working with a wide range of counsellors, psychotherapists, in private practice or as part of organisations. Many of my supervisees work with clients from working class, racialised and LGBTQIA+ communities. Some are youth workers and advisors or people who work in schools. I bring an intersectional, non-judgemental perspective into supervision, as well as an intersectional focus that allows us to look at unconscious discrimination and prejudice. Read more about my Supervision service.

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Education, Training and Networking

I provide different training courses to organisations and individuals with a view towards improving the way all clinicians can provide affirmative, non-discriminatory counselling and psychotherapy. My goal has always been to extend this approach to as many professionals as possible.

I am part of a number of networks for counsellors and psychotherapists dedicated to improving knowledge around intersectional and proactive practice. I am asking other therapists who work similarly to me to join me to become associates so that it is easier for clients to find therapy and counselling when my practice is full.

Read more about my Education and Training, or visit my Associates page for further information about my practitioner network.


My fees are always negotiated specifically with the clients I work with. For Counselling & Psychotherapy clients my fees usually range from £46 to £96. I have a few lower cost spaces reserved for people on state benefits, young people and those on lower incomes. I usually charge fees dependent on household income, and my fees are negotiable on a case-by-case basis. I have a few free spaces reserved.

If you are a trainee counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist I charge a fixed fee of £46 for the duration of your training as my way of paying forward into making the profession accessible.

Supervision fees range between £76 - £121 for individuals, or £90 - £180 for a group triad sharing costs. I have a few lower cost supervision spaces reserved for trainees and newly qualified therapists.

  • My fees for Bespoke Training are negotiable directly with the Institution.
  • My fees rise by £1 per session per year that we work with each other.

Where is ARC?

I have been offering sessions to clients over Zoom for the duration of the Covid 19 pandemic. I usually operate my face-to-face practice from two locations. The first is on Manor Gardens, N7 6LA and the second – which is accessible for users of wheelchairs – is at 4 Clunbury Street, N1 6TT.

To learn more about how I work with clients, including intersectional integrative arts psychotherapy and counselling, please take a look at my What is Counselling and Psychotherapy? page.

Get in touch

In the form below, please confirm whether you are a client or supervisee, an organisation seeking training or supervision or a practitioner seeking to join as an associate. If you are a client, or supervisee please give some information about your situation. Practitioners should also provide me with a quick profile of themselves ahead of applying to join the associates network.

You can call me on 07761371088 if you would prefer to leave a message. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All contact with Arc is confidential and uses secure phone and email services.