Ethics and About Me

Intersectionally Informed Counselling and Psychotherapy

I am a UKCP and BACP registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, an integrative child and adolescent counsellor, Advanced Accredited Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversities Therapist, Clinical supervisor, independent therapeutic trainer, alongside my work as a groupworker and activist.

My therapeutic, supervision and training work is delivered through the lens of intersectional feminist perspectives, drawing on Queer Theory, Black Issues Theory, Systemic and Intercultural Theory, and a common-sense integration of Trauma Theory.

I have developed extensive experience in supporting London’s QTIBPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as working with clients and supervisees from diverse economic, cultural, class, and social backgrounds.

The crux of my service is to provide affirmative, anti-oppressive support to traumatised adults, adolescents and children from racialised and working-class communities. I am a queer, black mixed racial heritage Person Of Colour. My pronouns are they/them. I was brought up in working class communities, I have personal experience of being disabled, being a parent and of PTSD due to gendered and homophobic violence. My intersectional identity is a source of strength and pride for me.

Qualifications and Roles

  • Registered with the BACP and UKCP
  • Founder of Radical Dialogues – a groupwork, training and supervision programme based on intersectional theory and combining art and psychotherapy as a means of educating, understanding and combatting discrimination and prejudice
  • Black Issues Masterclass Graduate
  • Served on Leadership Team of the Black African and Asian Therapy Network
  • Provide BAATN’s groups for qualified therapists
  • School Counsellor and Psychotherapist for more than 17 years
  • Qualified Group and Individual Supervisor
  • Clinical Associate and Trainer with Pink Therapy
  • Co-Editor Therapy In Colour, JKP, 2023


All clients can sign a Contract for Working Together, if you need to ensure we have established boundaries and conditions agreed for our working relationship in writing. We make it clear how we will work together from the outset. The contract outlines the fundamentals of our client/therapist relationship and may include:

  • Fees and payment
  • Frequency of visits
  • Where counselling or psychotherapy will take place
  • Holidays
  • Cancellation policy
  • Contacting between sessions
  • Ethical issues

The contract, which starts after our initial consultation session, can be reviewed from time to time to incorporate changing requirements. Read the full contract here.

Duration of Contract and Sessions

You might have a specific issue that you wish to work on, meaning that a short-term contract is appropriate, or you may have more general and deeper areas of concern that necessitate working together on a long-term basis.

The length of time we see each other for will be discussed at the start of our working relationship and can be modified in accordance with changing circumstances. I can and often do work in an open-ended way if that is what you need.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and are once a week usually.

For more information on how I provide counselling and psychotherapy in Holloway, Hackney, and online, please visit my Home page for an overview of what I offer.

Get in touch

In the form below, please confirm whether you are a client or supervisee, an organisation seeking training or supervision or a practitioner seeking to join as an associate. If you are a client, or supervisee please give some information about your situation. Practitioners should also provide me with a quick profile of themselves ahead of applying to join the associates network.

You can call me on 07761371088 if you would prefer to leave a message. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All contact with Arc is confidential and uses secure phone and email services.